We shoot over and have access to a considerable amount of ground for decoying so just a phone call could give you  a chance of some memorable pigeon shooting. With a large acreage os rape and cereal crops to choose from. Exciting sport  for a sensible price?

  For the less experienced we can offer advice and kit where needs be !!

A bit of pigeon shooting has so much to offer;;

1. It,s so much cheaper than driven game,i.e.partridge and pheasant shooting and very often a lot more challenging !!

2.  1t can really sharpen you up for game shooting be it a high pheasant or a classic partridge flaring over a tall hedge.

  We can also put on roost shooting which  realy puts you in shape for any snap shooting in trees on the pheasants.

 Also we have a fabulous flight line where we can rattle off loads of cartridges on pigeons that are as high and demanding as any pheasants.!